Aims and Objective

Our main aim and objective is to be the best and top service provider in the London area. We are well experienced in this field and we strongly hope to achieve our aims in the many more coming years. We already been approached by many clients and we are much confident in our future based on the keenness of our perspective students as per our initial market analysis. We are sure and confident on our future predictions because we are well experienced in the field of academic background.

Initially we aim to provide tuition services mainly in their home. As we grow and progress in our business we aim to have tuition centres where children’s with similar subjects can be taught together. Our tuition fees will be reasonably low compared to the market price to achieve our targets. This project is mainly for the today’s generation parents who seek to provide more education and values to their kids and not depending entirely on schools and colleges. This is very good opportunity for small but enthusiastic and well-resourced tutors like us. Our main reason to provide low price than market price is mainly focused on the cost conscious middle class families and provide them best and quality educational services. We also do focus on the individual attention on learning depends on capability of the student and we won’t be charging any extra prices. This plan is our entry strategy to come in the market and build our portfolio until we stand out and ahead in the market.

My Strength

Long experience in tuition services particularly in maths and science. Reputation among the known students as qualified and experienced tutor resulting in good word of mouth.

Provision of customized tuition services based on the capacity of students. Lower fees as compared to the market as we are small firm.


Growing trends of parent admitting their children for supplementary education particularly in maths and science.

Established tutors charge high and do not provide customized services, we plant to focus on this as our unique selling proposition (USP).

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