Nursery, 3+ & 4+ Maths Fundamentals Programme

Pre-Nursery and Nursery Pupils – Age Range 2 – 4 Year Olds

What is the aim of the Four Plus Maths Fundamentals Programme?

Objectives include:

  • Preparing Pre-Nursery and Nursery pupils to sit the Four Plus exam
  • Preparing nursery pupils to cope and even excel when in Reception class at school
  • Introducing maths to 2 to 4 year olds in a fun and enjoyable way

Topics include:

  • Say and recognise numbers above 20
  • Count a number of objects/pictures up to 20 consistently
  • Order numbers within 20
  • Recognise and know even and odd numbers
  • Recognise and continue simple number sequence
  • Count in twos, fives and tens orally
  • Have awareness of numbers up to 100
  • Add and subtract within 20
  • Recognise 2D and 3D shapes and their properties
  • Tell the time using language such as o’clock and half past
  • Know the order of the days of the week & months of the year
  • Solve simple mental mathematical problems

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